“Hallway” (2010)
12-track CD
$11.99 + S&H


A few clips from “Hallway”:

      My House Isn't Old

      Just One

      Now That It's Here

      Written In My Heart


      Ah Ty Step Shirokaya

      When You Open Your Eyes Today



An excerpt from review on Something Else Reviews:

“The singer-songwriter in Lydia Salnikova is inward looking, soulful and pensive.

Salnikova’s vocals, hefty but sweet, conveys her tales of heartache and confessionals with honesty. There’s a consistent flow in the soft-to-middle paced vibe and even the insertion of a old Russian folk song “Ah Ty Step Shirokaya” sung in her native tongue doesn’t really disturb it. No fillers on this disc, but the standouts are “Just One,” “Trapped,” “Written In My Heart,” “What If It’s Love,” and a groovy R&B cooker called “Once I Thought I Knew.”

In the end, it isn’t the way she made the album that makes Hallway an adult contemporary music pearl in a time where there are such few standout albums in that style of music. No, it’s the songs, and the convincing way she delivers them.”